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Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey. We had cca today. OMG.. Many people things got confiscated and nearly cannot get back.During training,me,sharyuen,pauline,Aixin,daphne,fatin,yumei,krti and i created a family!
Sharyuen = Mother :)
Pauline = Father :)
Me - Eldest Sis :)
Yu Mei - 2nd eldest sis :)
Yin Yu - Youngest sis :)
Daphne - Older cousin :)
Fatin - Younger cousin :)
Krti - House cat ?!
Krti voluntered one not we force her one. Haha.. Last day of school today..Sadded..But having camp in 3 days time.. Bye..

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I AM DAMN DISAPPOINTED BY YOUR BEHAVIOR. IF YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, PLEASE CHANGE IT!!!!!IF NOT, I WILL HATE YOU FOR LIFE!!! Sorry people, i am damn irritated and disappointed by my friend's behavior. I always treat her as my good friend but she control everything.. We say already we will do together but she control everything!!! She is so... Fine. Don't want to spoil ,my mood. Oh ya. Thank you Ma'am for tagging on my blog. :) . Erm.. I went to the push up area this morning but did not do push up because i am having fever, flu and blocked nose. Ya.. So, i shall end here now and i look forward eagerly for the red cross camp!!!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today was e-learning day.. SO difficult le. Me and Aixin and Fatin decided to have a blog that belongs to three of us.. Today is short.. Sorry because i am doing e-learnign English.. Byebye..

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Hey.. No need to stay back for camp preparation today so i have the time to blog. Tomorrow is elearning day that means i no need to go to school. Early in the morning, pay Yu Mei the coke money and go for push ups which... Never mind. Pour coke into my bottle and Claudia,Clara and Keziah also one. Keziah drink a bit then she say she dun want because she scared get diabetes. Haha..Now, i shall... end here. Hehe. Byebye. :)

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey.. Went to do push-ups.. I dunno why Claudia felt sohappy that not being in red cross.. Today,ma'am pei wen pass me the push up attendence list which should be pass to zang yu..Ma'am jun yu tell me to give her then she say don't want, want me to do the list.. Aiyo..Went to Clara's house to do the gym thingy with Chi Hwee and Jeslyn.. Coco very cute. For your information, coco is Clara's dog. Came home and is pretty late. Now, playing pet society and blogging and smsing and chatting at the same time. See, i usually never concentrate in anything i do. Tomorrow, i have to stay bck for tkgrcy camp preparation. Oh no..I have'nt buy my second coke bottle..Never mind. I ask my mum to buy for me then.This is gonna be short because i am to tired and Ai Xin want sto read my blog le. Byebye.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Hey!! Wanted to go for push-ups today but the floor was wet, so chatted with my squadmates to bond together. Today's red cross training was fun. Woohoo.. We sang song like Im Yours by Jason Miraz. We also played some fun games while learning evacuation. Gosh.. I am casualities to Ma'am Hui Wen, Yu Mei, Daphne, Meida, Pauline,Ai Xin,and some other people. Pauline is the most funniest one and she is the i/c for today. She was suppose to lift be up but in the end, she tell me to get up. We all had a good time laughing. Earned 3 sweets today. First is Me and Yu Mei earned one. We do the demonstration then got one sweet each from Ma'am Hui Wen. The second one was Ma'am Hui Wen give me because i be her casuality. Then, we had a competition. The winner is the pair which reach the ending line first with a casualty at the back. At first is me and Yu Mei. Then Meida wants me, Daphne also wants me. So in the end, Ma'am Hui Wen has to do something right?Guess what, she" confiscated" me so no one can carry me. Daphne was without partner so in the end, Ma'am Hui Wen let Dahne partner me. When she say start, Daphne run very fast. When we reached the finishing line, we knew we had won because the other two pairs cant move. They were stuck! Haha.. Thats how i get my third and the last sweet.
We did some footdrills and call it a day. Tired.. Shall sleep now.. Bye..

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today is another boring day. Brought Poohbee to school for Chinese show and tell. People for example Stella, Novia, Rachel and Samantha snatched for it. Haiz.. Nothing to say.. never mind. End here now since i want to sleep. Bye!!:)

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